Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Wheels are DEAD!

It is very sad but true! My scooter died on Friday! Luckily, I had my wheelchair with the power assist wheels in my classroom as well! Now the bad news! The wheels died about half way through the day!! I was totally out of commision, and that is the worst feeling ever. It is on days like that I wish I could choose to be able to walk!!! Oh well right? Things could be worse so I can't complain! :) One of my students gave me a HUGE hug at the end of the day, and the dead mobility aids were all forgotten!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well it took 11 years, but I FINALLY have a car! It is a 2007 Honda Element! It is the hottest car ever! I had to take the written test over again, because it had been so long since I took drivers ed! Are you ready for this? I took my road test last week, and passed! I am so legal!! ROAD TRIP ANYONE?

I just started my 2nd year of teaching 2nd grade at Snow Horse Elementary on Monday! This is a picture of my class from last year! My 1st class! Teaching is baptism by fire! All the schooling in the world could not prepare you for it! These kids were great! I have always wanted alot of kids. All I can say is be careful what you pray for! Last year the Lord gave me 26 and this year he has given me 24 more!

At Ms. Wheelchair America, I was able to meet some of the greatest women on this earth. This is a picture of me, Michelle (Miss Wheelchair Texas, who was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America), and Kat (Miss Wheelchair Tennessee)

Miss Wheelchair America